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If you’re looking for web development to your exact specifications then our web developers, with a combined expert experience of over 30 years, are a great place to start. Delivering a website solution exactly how you want it is our main goal.

Web development

In our fast-paced economy the web has become your visible shop window. As a web development agency, HW Technology can start with an audit of your current site and suggest or implement improvements. Our ‘heat map’ tracking technology allows us to assess usability and improve how people interact with the site. Our website design skills will ensure the visual look and feel represents your business appropriately, and can be viewed via desktop or mobile.

Whether you need an e-commerce site that’s connected intuitively to your stock control or accounting systems, or a simple brochure-style website that serves as a gallery of your products or services, we can help.

We also develop web applications. We can look at your business processes and suggest where the web can add efficiencies to how you work or how you deal with customers and suppliers. Better use of technology can give you a competitive edge.

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Features Benefits
Responsive design Websites compatible with all browsers including mobile and smartphone.
Bespoke website development Create features and functionality that are unique to your website.
Open Source technology World-class web development frameworks; browser compatibility; availability of functionality/plugins off the shelf.
Database-driven sites Complete scalability from one page to thousands; no web development skills required within your business.
Web applications Putting business processes online to create efficiencies through speed, security, data sharing or accessibility.
Online marketing Find out more about our SEO services

Please contact us for more information and a no obligation call to see if we can help.

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service HW Technology provided in creating a new website for my company. From the outset, my requirements were discussed in depth, alternative ideas discussed and a clear time and cost framework established. Throughout the exercise, your specialists communicated at key stages and implemented modifications rapidly and efficiently. I now have a website which looks and does exactly what I had in mind. Better still, it was delivered well under budget.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of building a website, and can encompass all aspects of this, including designing how a site will look or function, setting up content management systems, integrating email marketing software , and more!

If you’re looking for web development to your exact specifications then our web developers, with a combined expert experience of over 30 years, are a great place to start. Delivering a website solution exactly how you want it is our main goal.

Looking for a brand new site?

We take the web development in three easy to swallow stages, so you get more of a solution and less of a management headache. These three simple stages start with the main proposal of the site were we get as much information from you regarding your needs and wants and construct the main outline that will soon become your working web site. Once this proposal is agreed we’ll then get to work on the site and build it to your exact specifications, continually keeping you updated on the progress and any complications that crop-up from time to time. After the building stage comes the testing phase in which all parties come together and vigorously test the site and tick off each section of the end product, this then ensures each section is fully working and completed. At the end of this three stage web development process you’ll get the site to the agreed specifications and something you can be proud of.

Once the web development is completed we’ll also fix any bugs on the site for three months with no charge. We want to give you peace of mind even after the deal has been done because we believe in you becoming a client, not a onetime customer.

Already have a website?

Many of our clients come to us with an existing website that simply needs building upon. This comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes, but rest assured that whatever your needs we’ll always research and build the best solution for you. If you have an existing site and need help, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation call/email on how to take it forward.

Web development can save you time and money

Building web systems that save our clients time and money are becoming much more common as the Internet is used more in business. A web developer can often create a solution to automate repetitive tasks that are necessary to run your business, and this can add up to thousands of pounds per year in saved time. These solutions can also be worked on anywhere in the world with an internet ready device.

Have something in mind? We’d love to hear from you about it.

Need something a bit more complex?

If you’re looking for something that we’ve not mentioned on this page then please get in touch. We have a very large and diverse portfolio of simple websites to complex sale tracking and audit systems. We’d love to hear from you and discuss what you’re looking for.

With over a combined experience of 30 years in our web development team, we can deliver the website you are looking for, on time and on budget.


Examples of web development projects from current clients

We have delivered effective solutions to a large number of clients, including:

  • Expense tracking systems to allow sales people from multiple locations to work together.
  • Multiple shopping sites with search engine and customer friendly content to hit the ground running from launch.
  • Safety inspection systems to allow tracking of equipment inspections and client reporting from multiple clients around the UK.
  • Niche microsites with a main aim of finding the best type of clients and turning these into leads and long term clients.
  • And much more. Please call us for more web development examples and testimonials.


Our web development services

While we can offer our clients a large range of web development services, the below services we really excel at…

  • Web development and database management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Marketing
  • Google Adwords optimisation and account management
  • Daily management including adding news, checking, moderation etc.
  • Expert consultancy on all web development related matters
  • Redevelopment of existing sites
  • Keyword research to make sure you’re targeting the best kind of people for your website.

Please contact us for more information and a no obligation call to see if we can help.