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IT training when and where it’s needed

IT Training

We focus on providing IT that is fit for purpose, but often the capabilities of the technology are let down by the knowledge of the people who use it. We can provide training in a wide range of software and technologies, from accounting software and Microsoft applications through to specialist or custom software that we have created or commissioned.

Your people are your business. We can make sure that both are efficient.

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Features Benefits
Off-site training Distraction-free training that can accommodate groups of users
Bespoke training Target skills shortages in specific areas quickly and efficiently

A different approach to IT training – get in touch and improve your knowledge

Your people are your business – IT training can make sure they can work efficiently

Whether your staff use a specialist software system or just use Word and Excel, you need to be sure that you’re getting the best out of your most valuable – and often most expensive – resource, making the right IT training essential.

You may identify people who are under-performing, or you may have new technologies in use that they’re not familiar with. The IT training process can be highly detailed or simplified as you see fit. Common training gaps exist for staff who have been with the company a long time where the technology has evolved, when new starters use new systems, or people have adopted bad practice and need a refresher.

We have IT training expertise in a variety of business software ranging from Microsoft Office/Office 365 products through to Sage business applications including 50 and Payroll. We also provide training for custom software developed for your business. We can create bespoke training programs and schedules to fit you and your staff and can even offer multi-way remote training facilities via telephone/internet.

We’re also able to offer classroom style training and can arrange training facilities nearer to you to minimise travelling and lost time.

A different approach to IT training – get in touch and improve your knowledge

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