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IT Support

Let us keep your computer systems online and efficient, so you can get back to running your business

IT Support

We’ll provide you with a highly responsive IT support service – with a guaranteed response time. We can help you operate efficiently, and ensure that IT problems do not slow down your productivity. We can also provide a strategic overview of your IT systems to highlight vulnerabilities, bottlenecks and redundancies before they become an issue.

Our IT support covers your internal hardware and software products, as well as cloud-based solutions.

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Features Benefits
Responsive IT support Eliminate hassle and maximise IT uptime and productivity
Affordable rates Fixed monthly fee for better budgeting; or hourly costs for low-risk environments
Planned IT redundancy and replacement We handle and plan the move for you; we deal with all third party suppliers
Remote or physical IT support Ensure IT maximises productivity and that systems work together.
IT consultancy We can advise on your current IT strategy and where to take it next

IT support isn’t just about fixing things

Get in touch and we may be able to bring tangible returns on your investment.

  Since they have been supporting our IT system, we have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, helpfulness and “nothing to much trouble” approach. Every task we have asked from them has been carried out in a prompt and efficient manner. Being a relatively small Company our IT expertise is limited, H W Technology have broke through these barriers, all of their staff have been able to explain in “layman’s” terms any queries which have arisen. Having struggled with our previous IT support for over 2 years, using H W Technology is like a breath of fresh air, showing us what an IT support company should be run like.

Do what you do best, without worrying about your IT systems

Concentrating on your business is the key to your success – you know your business and what it needs to be successful. By contracting HW Technology to provide your IT support you can be sure of getting the best possible reliability and performance. With accredited experts in most business-related computer systems and software solutions you can leave us to look after this key element of your business so you can concentrate on what really matters to you. Improved maintenance and support will lead to more productive staff and better returns on your investment in IT.

It’s not just about IT support though

Understanding your business allows HW Technology to regularly advise you on pro-active steps that can be taken to improve efficiency and reduce risk as well as keep your systems healthy. By working closely with Microsoft, Sage, Dell and other such partners we can provide up to date information on new technologies that can help you – all part of the standard maintenance service included with all our IT support packages. You can ask us anything about IT whenever you want and we’ll always give you an honest and considered response.

How can HW Technology’s IT experts help?

Recent examples of IT support and pro-active advice include:

  • Internet: Internet speeds/reliability issues reviewed and new technology implemented to enhance the speed/resilience of our client’s network between sub-offices and the main office.
  • Multi-office systems: Client with 5 offices required a system they could share. We successfully migrated them to a private ‘cloud’ system to provide a singular resilient system allowing all offices to work in tandem and providing remote working facilities.
  • Supplier disputes: New client needed advice on how to ensure their bespoke software could be migrated to a new platform. Advice and services provided to ensure the transition was smooth and relatively risk free.
  • Cost savings: Pre-emptive advice resulted in considerable savings on running costs when a client system started to run close to capacity.
  • Best fit: Client looking to simplify their systems successfully advised – now running on a part-cloud, part-hosted platform to minimise costs and improve productivity
  • Data recovery: A prospect approached us with apparent data-loss. We managed to recover the underlying data for him and get his business back on track
  • Simplified software: A client using two separate software packages was able to halve their administrative burden as we helped them better understand their main software and amalgamate their data into a single system.
  • Development: Client wanted a database to improve their client-service offering. We walked them through the options and advised them on the best way to achieve their goals.

Why mix projects with IT support?

All of the above examples were discussed and applied as a result of our close involvement with the businesses through our IT support service. Providing IT support is not all about break-fix and maintenance – we all get computer niggles that need resolving after all – but the true value of our IT support services becomes clear as your business grows or changes. That is when you really need IT support!

IT support isn’t just about fixing things

Get in touch and we may be able to bring tangible returns on your investment.