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Strategic Managed IT Services and Support

HW Technology recognises that not all businesses are the same and many have differing IT needs. We take a flexible approach to our clients’ IT services, tailoring our advice, support and even working hours to provide our customers with the best service.


90% of support tickets raised are fixed remotely, saving you time by resolving the issue quickly and efficiently and ensuring you are not waiting for someone to visit site to address your IT requirements. Where a site visit is essential, we will quickly arrange for one of our field engineers to visit your premises and carry out the necessary work.


HW Technology’s Managed IT Services & Support act as a consolidator of cost, by using our services it allows your staff to concentrate on other areas of the business and take the headache of IT away. All of our IT consultants follow our best practices guidelines, with customer surveys showing a satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 across the board.


Benefits of HW Technology Managed IT Services & Support;


We take the worry away

HW Technology provide a managed service and support to your business needs, we take a strategic approach to your IT systems meaning IT is no longer a concern.

IT Support means just that

We believe in making sure that your IT works as well as it can for our customers, we don’t cut corners and make sure that you’re up and running as you should be as soon as possible. With a strong team of IT Consultants working under our Operations Manager the internal infrastructure is in place to provide our customers with the best possible support.


We make sure that all of our experienced consultants document each ticket that comes in to us. This includes any changes that we make and provides a high level overview of your system. Having a thorough documentation process allows HW Technology to have a complete history of your time using our service.


Our IT consultants understand that IT can sometimes cause disruption to our customers’ day, which is why communication is so important to us. We ensure that you are constantly updated as to where we are with your query and once the problem is resolved we make sure you are aware of what we did and how this solved the issue.

Additional measures of protection

HW Technology pre-empt issues which could arise in the future, for example we may enable features on the servers to protect against issues which may occur from time to time. In essence we aim to solve problems before they arise.

Bespoke projects

Often our customers ask us to take on bespoke IT projects relevant to a particular business need they have. We have our PRINCE2 qualified Project Manager oversee your project from start to finish, working with the specialist IT & software consultants both internally and on site.


You can see below what some of our customer have to say about our support:

Service level agreementEnsures a rapid response to business-critical IT issues
Remote supportImproves the productivity of employees, wherever they are working
Optional on-site supportBrings an engineer to your office to provide hands-on support if necessary
Planned IT replacementProvides hassle-free hardware upgrades with just one partner to deal with
IT consultancyGives you access to expert advice and guidance on your IT strategy
Software patch managementFrees up your employees to work on more value-adding tasks

IT support isn’t just about fixing things

Get in touch and we may be able to bring tangible returns on your investment.


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