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We’ll improve your business flexibility and security with hosted desktops

Premium Hosted Desktops

HW Technology’s Hosted Desktop is a fully functioning computer desktop, which runs remotely via the internet. Your desktop is hosted in the cloud, meaning that you can access your documents and applications wherever you are. All you need is an internet-enabled device, and your personal desktop is at your fingertips.


At HW Technology, we host all services on our own equipment at our ISO27001 certified UK data centre. Our solution includes all IT support, meaning that we help look after your whole business, not just a single system.


Every device requires the best security available, which is why when you use our Premium Hosted Desktop solution, we include Anti-Virus protection as standard.


When using the HW Technology Premium Hosted Desktop, we manage and check everything that’s installed on your machine, ensuring that when something is installed on your desktop, it’s virus free – therefore adding an additional layer of security.


HW Technology offers full flexibility within our Hosted Desktop solution, allowing for hybrid models (a combination of local and hosted IT), the option for your business to have hosted email or use Office 365, and a pricing model which allows for part time users.


Please see below for the benefits of using the HW Technology’s Hosted Desktop, and if you’re keen to know more, please contact us.


Benefits of a hosted server solution – click each heading for more:

A complete solution

HW Technology will provide you with a complete IT solution, from implementation of the Hosted Server, to training, maintenance, and on-going support, meaning utilising a Hosted Server will allow your business to lose any IT worries.

Data recoverability

HW Technology use a resilient IT infrastructure, which ensures that data is always retrievable. This allows for your business to experience little or no down time in the event of any physical or virtual failure.

Scalable solution for growing businesses

At HW Technology, we host all of our services on our own equipment at our ISO27001 certified UK data centre. Not only does this introduce a further level of security, but it also allows for the solution to be built with expansion in mind.

Our Hosted Servers are built with a long term growth strategy, so as your business grows you won’t have to worry about reaching breaking point with your Hosted Server. These are always built with business and employee expansion in mind.

Access Anywhere and Anytime

A Hosted Server is ideal for businesses with multiple offices, or with remote employees, as your Hosted Server can be accessed from anywhere. This allows employees from multiple offices or those working from home, or visiting clients, to access their data, and the company’s, securely from any location.

Takes away IT headaches

At HW Technology we look after your entire IT system, taking the stress away from your IT systems. With dedicated IT Consultants in-house, we will ensure that your system is running as it should at all times. 

Our consultants are skilled and knowledgeable on an array of software commonly utilised in many owner managed businesses. We can carry out any updates outside of core business hours to ensure your employees have the minimum of disruption to their working day.

Professional client on-boarding

With all of our new clients, HW Technology go through a thorough, professional on-boarding procedure, minimising teething problems. This process involves:

  • A review of your current IT systems
  • Working with third-party software providers on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition to your Hosted Server platform
  • Building the platform
  • Client user testing
  • A planned migration
  • User training for every one of your employees
  • On-site support from HW Technology’s technicians on your go-live date

No capital expenditureSave money on local hardware and maintenance; reduce hassle
Remote workingAccess key data and applications from anywhere, anytime; access via any internet connected device
Full migration serviceWe handle and plan the move for you; we deal with all third party suppliers
ScalableAdd users quickly and easily to the system
Disaster recovery and backupData is backed up daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and annually; all hardware is redundant
SupportWe support your hosted desktops for maximum uptime; we can even look after end users and printers

To find out more, please call us on 0845 504 8989, or complete our contact form.


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