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Improve flexibility, reduce costs and allow secure remote working

Cloud Computing

If you need your computer applications and data to be scalable, affordable and available anywhere, have you looked at ‘hosted desktop’ solutions?

We can put your company and users’ desktops in the cloud. Many HW Technology customers – as well as most Haines Watts offices – have opted for hosted desktop since it is reliable, secure and enables us to provide flexible levels of support.

You’ll have access to organisation-compatible versions of software such as Microsoft Office, as well as other business-critical applications and files.

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Features Benefits
No capital expenditure Save money on local hardware and maintenance; reduce hassle
Remote working Access key data and applications from anywhere, anytime; access via any internet connected device
Full migration service We handle and plan the move for you; we deal with all third party suppliers
Scalable Add users quickly and easily to the system
Disaster recovery and backup Data is backed up daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and annually; all hardware is redundant
Support We support your hosted desktops for maximum uptime; we can even look after end users and printers

To find out more, please call us on 0845 504 8989, or complete our contact form.

The business was expanding and we needed a reliable and robust system to cope with this expansion. The hosted desktop system from HW Technology allows us to provide a uniform desktop experience for all staff with the same applications and data available wherever they are working from. Coupled with this we no longer have to worry about local servers, backups and application updates as this is all included in the solution. Disaster recovery is also easier to plan as if we lost a site we can just set a divert on the phones and work from home.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT as a service rather than a product, where your company data, applications and emails are stored in a central datacentre and accessed over the internet from anywhere. With cloud computing, rather than being stored on a server in your office, all your data is hosted remotely where it is managed, maintained and backed up by our team of highly trained engineers. You can rest easy knowing that your business’s valuable data is safe and protected, whatever may happen.

It’s a flexible, cost effective and secure way of delivering IT to your business, it helps spread the cost of IT by reducing capital expenditure and maintenance costs and it reduces risks by ensuring your data is safely stored in a secure location protected from theft/fire/floods or equipment failure. With a cloud computing service, your employees can access company data from anywhere with an internet connection, wherever they are in the world, improving productivity and increasing flexibility to cope with scenarios such as heavy snow making commuting to the office difficult. Accessing your programs and data stored in the cloud is just as quick and easy as if it were on your local computer!

HW Technology offer both private cloud computing (servers dedicated to your business) and public (via Microsoft 365) to enable you to choose the best solution for your business.

To find out more, please call us on 0845 504 8989, or complete our contact form.